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OUR MISSION STATEMENT: Our mission at Astra-Lite is quite simple. We put all our best efforts into producing leading edge treatment equipment and providing the most comprehensive service to our customers as we possibly can.

OUR COMPANY: We are not a large corporation with 100 plus employees. In my prior experience with large corporations, I have found two fundamental problems. The first problem is that corporate communication generally gets lost or bogs down between the walls of each department and this directly relates to problem number two which is their inability to be flexible. These two rudimentary problems invariably have a negative effect on the consumer. To combat these basic problems we maintain dedicated co-workers that take a tremendous amount of pride being involved in sales, service, production, shipping, repairs, material ordering, stocking and inventory. That sounds like a lot for so few people and quite frankly it is. The key to our continued success is our ability to retain our flexibility by means of a fundamental base of trust and communication. When a problem does occur in our business, we will explore every option possible to satisfactorily rectify the problem for all parties concerned.

ADVERTISING: We do not believe in pound it down your throat advertising. We simply trust our product to sell itself by the recommendations from people that own and distribute our products. You probably became familiar with Astra-Lite from a friend or co-worker or instructor or perhaps you had a treatment on one of our tables or you were informed by one of our many independent distributors. These are the typical ways our customers learned about us and that’s just how we like it. We will never advertise that “we are the best” or that “we are the number one choice” or “we out-sell everyone else”. It would be difficult if not impossible to prove such generalized statements and doing so would be taking for granted that our customers are foolish or naïve. We do not test our competitor’s products for the test would be biased and unfair and above all would be unethical to do so. We do not use our charitable donations as advertisement because we believe that the act of our giving is our reward. We do not give free product to schools in trade for exclusively promoting Astra-Lite, for we feel that every person should be presented with all of their options. Exploring all options available allows the student to make an informed choice that is right for them. Each day our attempt is to better ourselves knowing that by doing so all-else, i.e. health, joy, wealth etc. will take care of itself.

: We do not promote the use of cheap labor or goods. Certain countries that raw material or finished goods come from promote the exploitation of child labor and/or non-ecological business practices. There are no laws to protect employees and waste is randomly thrown out to pollute our Earth. In the end one may acquire a low cost item but it will be at the potentially permanent expense of someone or something. Here in America we have strict laws that protect the employee and our Earth and this comes at a cost to us all. At Astra-Lite we make every attempt to purchase raw material and products made here in the USA or by countries that do have laws and regulations governing fair and ethical business practices.

Please do not hesitate to call upon us for any questions or comments that you may have. Our friendly staff will be more than happy to comply with your needs.

Live Long and Prosper,

Robert Herrera 


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