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Levante Color Samples

Please note that colors may vary due to computer screen settings. 

LEVANTE UPHOLSTERY is manufactured in the USA, and is top quality. It is subtle to the touch and is manufactured from environmentally friendly materials and processes. Levante vinyl has Advanced Prefixx® protective top coat finish which is technically formulated to preserve the vinyl’s integrity over time and high usage achieving the highest performance standards and durability. Levante vinyl  cleans easily with mild soap and water. The 6 colors below are available at no cost. Please note that these are color representations only, colors may vary. The 6 colors above are "stock colors" and are available at no cost. 


Ultra-Leather Color Samples

Ultra-Leather (Colors listed below) SALE FINAL.....................................................................$160.00 NET***

Please note that colors may vary due to computer screen settings. 

When it comes to capturing the sumptuous aesthetics of fine leather, no material comes closer than Ultra-Leather®. This incredible sumptuous polyurethane material is rayon backed, lightweight and durable.  Choosing Ultra-Leather will make your table 1 lb. lighter. It cleans up easily and rates impeccably at being tear, scratch, fade and stain resistant. Color samples available upon request; email us with your request.


  • When Ease Of Care Counts- Spot cleaning and daily care virtually are worry-free. Every day stains, including red wine, coffee and tomato sauce, lift easily with soap and water. For tougher stains, use a mild cleaning fluid followed by a water rinse.

  • A New Era In Faux Leather Luxury-  Ultra-Leather offers a new level of luxury when it comes to duplicating the look, feel ad overall aesthetics of fine European calfskin, Ultra-Leather is unrivaled.

  • In Sync With Environmental Concerns- It contains none of the volatile plasticizers and stabilizers found in vinyl-based products. Polyurethane-based product employs a back layer of rayon- a degradable wood by-product. Ultra-Leather is created by an environmentally safe process in which solvents are recaptured and subsequently recycled. Also, no animals are harmed in production of this material like real leather. 

  • Block Hygiene Headaches Beautifully- Waterproof and stain resistant, Ultra-Leather protects foam padding from blood, urine, sweat, medical products, drinks and other contaminants. It also demonstrates some inherent antimicrobial properties and stands up to routine disinfections with a 5:1 bleach solution- with no loss of beauty or durability.


  • Day-to-day soil- Remove ordinary smudges with a mild soap and warm water solution. Air dry or dry quickly with warm setting of a hair dryer. For more difficult stains, use a mild solvent, following the solvent manufacture's instructions closely. Disinfect with a 5:1 bleach solution.

  • Special Cleaning Problems- The following methods are recommended to clean stains on Ultra-Leather material ( i.e. make-up, lipstick urine).
    STEP 1 CLEANERS*: Solvent-type cleaner to be liberally applied with a soft cloth. Dry area with another cloth, rinse with clean water and dry.
    STEP 2 CLEANERS*: Mild solvent cleaners to be applied with a soft cloth. Stain should be removed with less than six (6) rubs; if stain persists after six rubs, stain has set and probably cannot be removed. Continuing to rub may cause discoloration on material. Dry area with another cloth, rinse with clean water and dry.

Professional Portable        Super Lightweight Portable      Chiropractic Portable     
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