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Astra-Lite's Objective; Ethics VS Cost: For the sake of all people and the planet, we choose to manufacture our tables using strict guidelines of fair labor and ecological practices. America and countries following the same ethical guidelines produce 95% of our components and raw materials that go into the manufacturing of our goods. Out of our control is the remaining 5% that specifically comprises hardware that comes from countries that do not incorporate principled standards. The reason for this is that stringent United States environmental restrictions coupled with increasing labor costs have forced either the closing, outsourcing or the off-shoring of American hardware manufacturers. We are committed to eliminating this 5% by locating hardware that does come from principled countries. As a business we had a choice to make: Ethical business practice that increases product price but promotes human rights and world ecology or, unethical business and ecological practice that reduces product price. Our choice remains clear; we will continue to put people and the planet first.

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