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Client Testimonials


 I Would like to go on record  as a very satisfied owner of one of your excellent tables! During extensive use with the American Cup Champion and also with the Olympic Sailing Team, my Astra-Lite table was always delivered with impressive lightness, strength and stability. The table was constantly used in far less than optimum and continually changing conditions including  heat, rain, wind blown dust, sand and more general abuse than most table see in a lifetime; my table is looking as "good as new" and is still as stable as a rock! When one considers that a daily average of 16 to 22 competitors a day  were on this table, including sizable therapeutic load, the condition of this table is even more remarkable. Thank you for making a truly superior product!
Dave Disney SMT
Flexibility Trainer US Olympic Sail Team

We want to thank you for your wonderful massage tables. Moscow Rosen School really needed more tables and now thanks to you we have them! Your tables are so convenient for practitioners and comfortable for the client to lie on, and they look so nice too!  You live on the other side of the globe, you wake up when we go to bed, you speak English and we speak Russian, you have never seen any of us, but all of these differences do not prevent the support you give to us. So, there is many wonderful things including your company on our globe! We appreciate your help. Thank you very much once more.
Moscow Rosen Method
Students, Interns and Assistants


I drove over my beautiful Astra-Lite table with a Ford 3/4 ton Econoline Van! The travel case and table had a little blemish on them but are fine. I tested it immediately with over 300 lbs and it passed. So I am writing to say I appreciate the quality of your product!
Laurie Steese LMT


You can count me among your "satisfied" customers. I will continue to unconditionally recommend your tables to my colleagues and students. I look forward to our next contact. Until then, please receive you favorite slogan "Live Long and Prosper".
Phil Shenk CMT
Hanna Somatic Educator


I love doing business with Astra-Lite and look forward to much success for us all!
Virgina Dunas LMT


A hearty thank you for treating me and my clients like royalty! It is a pleasure to do business with you. Thank you for designing a massage table that is perfect for me.
Suzanne Silver LMT


Thank you so much for your help and care. It is a pleasure doing business with people who put so much attention into what they represent. We really appreciate you and your tables!
Mary and Peggy Sullivan
Massage Matrix

I enjoyed working with you and am happy to recommend your tables to others. Your service is great too!
Corlis Chun LMT


Thank you again for your generosity and kindness. Also for your continued integrity and honor. It is a pleasure to do business with you.
Katie McFarland LMT 


Thank you for the rapid response to the warranty problem with my Astra-Lite massage table. It is great to find a company that believes in it's product and stands behind it's craftsmanship.
Dave Shima RMT
Assistant Trainer,
Vancouver Canucks Hockey Team

Professional Portable         Super Lightweight Portable     Chiropractic Portable     
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Table Weights
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